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Learn the 7 steps to become an effective creation speaker/teacher.

1. Knowledge of God’s creation
2. Knowledge of origins science
3. Knowledge of apologetics
4. Communication and teaching skills
5. Organizational skills
6. How to answer questions and challenges
7. Critical thinking skills

All topics are covered in an interactive classroom format. In addition, each topic will include background information plus methods for teaching the subject. Workshops are included to enhance the learning process. Workshops consist of two 3-5 minute presentations, written exercises, one 3 minute defense presentation where each student must respond to a verbal challenge on a specific topic, and a written final exam.

Who: College age and above (limited to 50 attendees)

The cost to attend the 5-day course includes:

-A 360-page training manual
-Breakfast, lunch, and dinner for 5 days
-5 nights of lodging
-Fellowship with like-minded believers
-The opportunity to use (practice) what you learn
-Five days of training

The 5-day Creation Apologetics Training College (CATC)

Dates: Aug 1-6, 2022
Conference check-in begins Aug 1, 2:00pm
Dinner begins 5:00pm
First session begins 7:30pm
Course ends Aug 6, 12:00 noon

For more information:
[email protected]
Call the course Director Dr. Anthony Silvestro (440) 376-2141


“The three teachers were outstanding. They equipped me with the knowledge to speak about creation and evolution in an intelligent, compelling, and respectful way.”

“I have become very motivated to teach once again the foundation of our faith and this year’s conference gave me the perfect opportunity to learn a great deal more about the topic and how to prepare myself to fulfill that ministry desire in the days ahead.”

“As a middle school science teacher, this course provided an invaluable resource for me to effectively teach about the origin of the universe, life, and morality.”

“The training week in beautiful North Carolina far exceeded my expectations!”

“The Creation Apologetics Conference has completely equipped me to share confidently and to articulate what I believe and why, as well as being able to ask good questions to those with opposing viewpoints.”

“I thoroughly enjoyed my experience at the Creation Apologetics Teachers College 2019. The venue was absolutely outstanding.”

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