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Come join us for an exciting week of exploring a variety of unique and awesome displays of geological evidence of a powerful God. You’ll be able to explore up close and personal evidence of the great unconformity. You will see sandstone (flood material) directly deposited upon uplifted quartzite (basement rock). You’ll put your hands on an amazing display of a lakebed that was lifted 90 degrees vertically. Walking through a beautiful canyon and see carved out layers of mudflows and “pudding rock”.

This unique area also has several displays of special rock formations, 500 feet of Tulles (broken quartzite) and even hikes that show the evidence of the Ice Age in Wisconsin.

We have assembled a team of experienced guides and speakers to help us understand these unique and awesome, geological displays of God’s Creation. Dr. Steve Austin and Tim Ferrell will help us understand both a biblical and an evolutionary explanation of the evidence on display.

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