Latest Past Events

Wisconsin Creation Adventure

Living Waters Bible Camp E8932 Reo Ave, Westby

Come join us for an exciting week of exploring a variety of unique and awesome displays of geological evidence of a powerful God. You'll be able to explore up close and personal evidence of the great unconformity. You will see sandstone (flood material) directly deposited upon uplifted quartzite (basement rock). You’ll put your hands on [...]


Creation Apologetics Training Course

Ridgecrest Christian Conference Center 1 Ridgecrest Dr, Black Mountain

Learn the 7 steps to become an effective creation speaker/teacher. 1. Knowledge of God’s creation 2. Knowledge of origins science 3. Knowledge of apologetics 4. Communication and teaching skills 5. Organizational skills 6. How to answer questions and challenges 7. Critical thinking skills All topics are covered in an interactive classroom format. In addition, each [...]


Hartland Christian Camp – Jr. High Summer Camp

Hartland Christian Camp 57611 Eshom Valley Dr, Badger

Hartland is a non-denominational Christian Camp and Conference Center located in the heart of the California Sierras. Established in 1946, Hartland Christian Camp has been built on a foundation of ministry in the name of Jesus Christ and exists for His Glory. Jr. High Summer Camp For 7th-8th grade students Hartland offers an unparalleled Christian [...]

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