Epic Battles of the Bible Streaming Conference

Online Conference FL

Lamb & Lion Ministries and Creation Today are partnering to bring you the “Epic Battles of the Bible: Genesis vs. Revelation” Streaming Conference! Join us on Saturday, February 5th, starting at 1:00 pm CT on the Christ in Prophecy YouTube channel! Speakers/Topics Round 1 – Eric Hovind, Creation Today (addressing a controversial debate in Genesis… “A Literal Global Flood”) Round [...]

DNOW 2022

First Baptist Church of Beulah 8505 Beulah Church Road, Pensacola, FL

Topics: Eric Hovind will be teaching through his series LOST!   About DNOW 2022: Disciple Now (D-NOW) is a weekend retreat/conference event for 6th-12th grade students. Friday night to Sunday morning , students will participate in large group worship, small group Bible studies, and Saturday afternoon outreach/recreation. Church members host the students in their homes, [...]


First Baptist Church of Beulah

First Baptist Church of Beulah 8505 Beulah Church Road, Pensacola, FL

Topic: FOUND! by Eric Hovind In spite of all that we lost, our Savior made a way for it all to be found! Learn to live every day with a mission bigger than ourselves, helping individuals not to be ‘culture-shaped;’ but rather, to be a ‘culture-shaper.’ Discover your victorious, purposeful life and impact eternity!   [...]

First Baptist Church – Plattsmouth Conference

First Baptist Church - Plattsmouth 16220 Hwy 75, Plattsmouth, NE

About First Baptist Church - Plattsmouth: First Baptist Church is an independent, Bible-believing church.  We are not under the leadership of any certain denomination.  FBC is simply a Bible-believing church, and is  structured like the churches you see in the New Testament of the Bible.  We do, however, fellowship with many churches of like beliefs [...]

Victory Christian Fellowship

Victory Christian Fellowship 2665 14th Ave East, Columbus, NE

About Victory Christian Fellowship: We Are a Bible-Believing Church Calling all men everywhere to follow Jesus.

Creation Conference

Living Waters Bible Camp E8932 Reo Ave, Westby, WI

CREATION CONFERENCE The 2022 Spring Creation Conference features learning, fellowship, and networking with fellow believers. Join us as we welcome 3 nationally know creation speakers Eric Hovind, Tim Chaffey, and Jay Seegert. Together they will offer excellent creation training to help you better understand your faith and teach it to others. IN HIS IMAGE God’s [...]


Summer 2022 Grand Canyon Rim and Raft Tour

Grand Canyon National Park Phoenix, AZ

A family friendly trip with Biblical explanations at the rim of the canyon and a 17-mile raft trip with QCCSA and Creation Today! Featuring Eric Hovind of Creation Today, Russ Miller of Creation Science Ministries and Helmut Welke of Quad Cities Creation Science Association. June 23-26, 2022 Trip Details: The Grand Canyon is America’s most recognized landmark and [...]


Hartland Christian Camp – Jr. High Summer Camp

Hartland Christian Camp 57611 Eshom Valley Dr, Badger, CA

Hartland is a non-denominational Christian Camp and Conference Center located in the heart of the California Sierras. Established in 1946, Hartland Christian Camp has been built on a foundation of ministry in the name of Jesus Christ and exists for His Glory. Jr. High Summer Camp For 7th-8th grade students Hartland offers an unparalleled Christian [...]

Creation Apologetics Training Course

Ridgecrest Christian Conference Center 1 Ridgecrest Dr, Black Mountain, NC

Learn the 7 steps to become an effective creation speaker/teacher. 1. Knowledge of God’s creation 2. Knowledge of origins science 3. Knowledge of apologetics 4. Communication and teaching skills 5. Organizational skills 6. How to answer questions and challenges 7. Critical thinking skills All topics are covered in an interactive classroom format. In addition, each [...]


Wisconsin Creation Adventure

Living Waters Bible Camp E8932 Reo Ave, Westby, WI

Come join us for an exciting week of exploring a variety of unique and awesome displays of geological evidence of a powerful God. You'll be able to explore up close and personal evidence of the great unconformity. You will see sandstone (flood material) directly deposited upon uplifted quartzite (basement rock). You’ll put your hands on [...]

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