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  • July Ministry Spotlight – The Cornelius Family July 12, 2018
    For over ten years, the Cornelius family traveled the country preaching the Gospel in 24 states until they were called to direct the Discovery Center in Abilene, TX, a Biblical Museum which has spread the creation message to thousands.  Recently an exciting new wing of the museum was opened with displays depicting 4,000 years of […]
    Mary Jo LeBlanc
  • Impacting Communities with Genesis Movie Nights July 11, 2018
    Genesis Movie Night Outreach Events are already impacting communities!  Churches and Creation organizations are sharing their pictures and amazing outreach results hosting their events.  With the movie’s wide appeal to all ages, this intriguing, fun activity attracts people for YOUR entire community.  Hey!  Who doesn’t like a FREE movie complete with FREE popcorn and FREE […]
    Jo Hovind
  • A Sign From God! July 10, 2018
    Here in America, we make the celebration of our great nation a big deal! I don’t celebrate American independence out of ungodly pride, but out of a thankfulness to God for using this nation to bless the world! I was in downtown Pensacola with my family and friends grilling hotdogs, throwing the old pigskin, taking […]
    Eric Hovind
  • Filming the Grand Canyon Movie July 2, 2018
    2018 GRAND CANYON TRIP Wow, what an adventure!  Last month we were privileged to host our SIXTH Grand Canyon trip with canyon expert Russ Miller of Creation, Evolution & Science Ministries.  Once again, our tour completely sold out!  Praise the Lord! We are so grateful for the safety God gave us and the amazing time […]
    Eric Hovind
  • SUMMER MOVIE NIGHT! June 28, 2018
    As the days get longer and the heat bears down upon us, what better way to host an outreach event in your community than with a Summer Movie Night? Bring GENESIS: Paradise Lost to Your Event! Thanks to our hard-working team at Creation Today, we now offer an already organized, out-of-the-box evangelistic outreach for your […]
    Mary Jo LeBlanc
    SCIENCE PARTNERS: BILL AND MERILEE CLIFTON Bill Clifton, a former evolutionist, has a passion for God’s creation!  His desire is to share his knowledge of science and the Bible to help others understand our incredible Creator and His handiwork.  For almost 40 years, Bill has taught various science, Bible, and creation classes for public, Christian, […]
    Mary Jo LeBlanc
  • All Things Will be Made New Again June 12, 2018
    In the beginning God created the heaven and earth, the seas and all the things in them. Then, looking over His completed work, our righteous Creator deemed His new creation to be very good.  There was no death, evil or suffering.  Everything was perfect and Adam walked with God in the Garden of Eden. What in […]
    Russ Miller
  • Ironic review of Genesis: Paradise Lost June 6, 2018
    An ironic review of Genesis: Paradise Lost missed the point of the entire movie! A review was recently published by the Biologos Foundation of the film GENESIS: Paradise Lost.  (Note: Biologos is an organization that promotes Theistic Evolution – the idea that God used the unscientific process of evolution in His creation of the world.) […]
    Dr. Andrew Fabich
  • Does Tree Ring Dating Disprove The Bible? June 5, 2018
    Some people claim that tree ring dating can disprove the Bible. They claim trees are older than the date of the worldwide Flood about 4,400 years ago. However, this conclusion is reached on the assumption that a tree ring always represents one year of growth. Many factors contribute to the number of rings produced in […]
    Eric Hovind
    ADVENTURE IS OUT THERE! As summer dawns upon our calendars bringing closure to yet another academic season, don’t forget to revel in the wonders of God’s Creation!  From the sun-kissed beaches to the hazy mountains; the creature-filled forests and the sweltering deserts, there is wonder, excitement, and adventure everywhere! MERGING GOD’S WORD AND GOD’S WORLD […]
    Mary Jo LeBlanc
  • Creation Byte: The Ultimate Price of Freedom May 25, 2018
    The legacy of heroes is the memory of a great name and the inheritance of a great example. —Benjamin Disraeli America’s history is filled with a long list of heroes who have shown extraordinary courage, even giving their lives to secure the freedoms our nation enjoys, freedoms we often take for granted.  We can actually […]
    Eric Hovind
  • Graduation Crossroads May 23, 2018
    In 10 words or less, what wisdom would you share with a young person at a graduation crossroads?  Here are some of our favorites so far! Education doesn’t stop with graduation. You are the books you read and the people you know. No Scripture. No Food. Decisions without prayer equals unnecessary risks. Be prudent with […]
    Jo Hovind
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