• We’ve Got Issues—Like Porn! August 16, 2019
    Does the Spiritual Warfare found in Ephesians 6:12 relate to the Spiritual Warfare of Pornography? Is Holiness Antiquated and Repressive?        The quest to live righteously before a Holy God, the creator of the universe, seems pretty old-fashioned in our modern culture’s worldview. In fact, not only is holy living considered antiquated […]
    Jo Hovind
  • Is Repentance Necessary For Salvation? August 14, 2019
    Pre-Release episode - [email protected] In this interview, I ask Ray Comfort of Way of the Master to answer the question, "Is Repentance Necessary for Salvation?" Watch this Pre-Release screener with Ray Comfort by entering your name and email address below. This interview will be posted on our social media pages Saturday, August 17th.   Eric […]
    Eric Hovind
  • Triceratops Vs. the Redundant Religion of Darwinism August 9, 2019
    A recent Creation Today video featuring Eric Hovind and me in a museum of natural history became the focus of some controversy when a “friendly” internet atheist described it by saying, “Creationists Pathetically Try to Debunk a Museum of Natural History.” As I explained in my reply to his critique, (Read that here)  we weren’t […]
    Bryan Melugin
  • We’ve Got Issues – Like Bullying! August 6, 2019
    As the last days of Summer dissipate like a puff of smoke on the breeze, teachers are preparing their classrooms while parents are purchasing last minute supplies, clothing, and oodles of snacks. Meanwhile, a growing percentage of students are dreading the fateful ring of the welcome bell. What will this year hold? Will the […]
    Mary Jo LeBlanc
  • “Creationists Pathetically Try to Debunk a Museum”  August 1, 2019
    Eric Hovind and I were in Arizona for the summer’s great adventure- a tour of the Grand Canyon! While there, we stayed a few more days to meet up with friends and work on upcoming projects, and with an hour to kill between chimichangas and Sunday night church, we dropped in on a museum and […]
    Bryan Melugin
  • GENESIS: Paradise Lost Reaches West Africa! July 31, 2019
    GENESIS: Paradise Lost Reaches West Africa! In June 2019, Mission Teams in Ghana, West Africa used clips from GENESIS to minister to nearly 600 students of various backgrounds including Muslims, Animists, Catholics, and others. God used their willing hearts, and parts of the GENESIS film to impact eternity!    The Calvary Camp Missions Team […]
    Jo Hovind
  • We’ve Got Issues—Like Abortion! July 25, 2019
    Every few years, especially as an election approaches, the abortion “issue” resurfaces to garner either outrage or support from the masses. Everyone seems to have their own opinion to offer. Supporters are left wondering when their opponents will “get with the times,” while those who claim that abortion is murder are wondering when the slaughter […]
    Mary Jo LeBlanc
  • We’ve Got Issues—Like Media Suppression of Apollo 11’s Christian Message! July 19, 2019
    The Apollo 11 LM Pilot Did WHAT on the Moon? On July 20, 2019, NASA’s Apollo 11 Mission celebrates the 50th anniversary of men walking on the Moon with Neil Amstrong’s famous words, “One small step for a man; one giant leap for mankind.” But July 20, 2019, also marks the 50th anniversary of a […]
    Jo Hovind
  • The Nephilim and the Sons of God – Part Two  July 8, 2019
    The Nephilim and the Sons of God – Part Two  The Sethite View In Part One on this topic, The Nephilim and the Sons of God - An Introduction, we introduced the three most common views on the identity of the sons of God: the Sethite View,  the Royalty View, and the Fallen Angel View. […]
    Creation Today
  • On The Grand Canyon, the Gospel, and Waking Up on Mars July 5, 2019
    Our Grand Scenic View As you walk from the Grand Canyon Visitor Center to the Canyon’s rim, your view transforms from the dry path of trees and rocks to a vast, almost incomprehensible landscape. In what seems like only a few steps, the world gives way and the breath-taking grandeur that is the Grand Canyon […]
    Bryan Melugin
  • We’ve Got Issues—Like One Nation under…Who? July 3, 2019
    Happy Fourth of July to one nation under God, indivisible, with liberty and justice for all! America the Beautiful On July 4th, we celebrate the United States of America, not because she is perfect, but because she is our home. Despite her many failings she has been one Nation under God seeking to […]
    Bryan Melugin
  • We’ve Got Issues—Like Gender Identity! July 1, 2019
    We’ve Got Issues—Like Gender Identity! Approaching Gender Identity Issues We’ve got issues, and the growing cultural issue of gender identity poses challenges for the Christian, the church, and the nation. But how do we approach this arena that is so personal and sensitive? Jesus spoke words that offended many people. Those who had corrupted the […]
    Jo Hovind
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