• The Power of the Scriptures April 4, 2022
    By Curt Blattman of Bible Apologetics Most books, after you read them, fade into our memories. Perhaps we remember a few things about the book but as the years go by, we seem to forget almost everything in the book. But the Bible is a completely different type of book. To those of us who cherish […]
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  • Were Adam and Eve Real People? March 10, 2022
    By Curt Blattman of Bible Apologetics If you believe in the theory of evolution, then the short answer must be a resounding no. Since evolution relies on millions of years of gradual growth from simple to more complex organisms – in other words from amoeba to man – this would clearly rule out the possibility […]
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  • Who Set the Planets in Motion? March 10, 2022
    By Curt Blattman of Bible Apologetics For the evolutionist the question of who set the planets in motion is not a valid question since they believe that everything that exists came about by one big chance accident. While there was no who at the beginning according to evolutionary theory these evolutionists concede that nothing created […]
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  • The Science of Nonsense January 21, 2022
    By Curt Blattman of Bible Apologetics When science and the Bible conflict, what should our response be? Or to put it another way, should we appraise Scripture by science, or vice versa? Well, considering the fact that the Bible is never wrong and many scientific theories often have to be totally abandoned, as new knowledge […]
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  • The Sons of God and the Nephilim – Part 5: Objections to the Fallen Angel View June 29, 2021
    Objections to the Fallen Angel View of Genesis 6:1–4 This series has surveyed the three major interpretations of Genesis 6:1–4 that Christians have held over the past two millennia: the Sethite View, the Royalty View, and the Fallen Angel View. Part 4 of the series demonstrated that the Fallen Angel View easily has the greatest […]
    Creation Today
  • Apologetics for Children: Be Ready—Always! March 19, 2021
    The statistics are staggering! Children raised in Christian homes, attending church faithfully all their lives, are quickly abandoning the faith after just a short stint in secular universities. Why? Are they not being taught what to believe? How can parents better equip their children to defend the faith? What tools can we offer to help […]
    Mary Jo LeBlanc
  • Christ Remembered on St. Patrick’s Day March 17, 2021
    "Today the world commemorates St. Patrick's Day by heavy drinking and imagining leprechauns. But St. Patrick (389-461), the great evangelist and hero known for Christianizing the nation of Ireland, deserves better remembrance. After being enslaved and taken from his home in Britain by roaming Irish, God called Patrick to become a bishop and to eventually […]
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  • Why Do You Do What You Do? January 14, 2021
    It’s a legitimate question. Every morning you get up, get dressed, grab a cup of coffee or a bite to eat, and then walk out the door to punch a clock so you can work until it’s time to go back home. The next day, you get up and do it all over again. Why? […]
    Eric Hovind
  • Christmas Thoughts in Genesis December 17, 2020
    Who were Adam and Eve hiding from in Genesis 3? Well, obviously it was God. But let's be a bit more specific. Was it perhaps one of the three persons of the Trinity? The Trinity is implicit in the creation account of Genesis, from the very first verse. In the beginning, God created ... (Genesis […]
    Eric Hovind
  • Giant Speculations December 3, 2020
    I recently watched Jack the Giant Slayer, and it reminded me of an idea I had wanted to explore but never got around to. The film is based on the fairy tale, Jack and the Beanstalk. In this well known story, the giant lives in a land that is somewhere between heaven and earth. When Jack […]
    Tim Chaffey
  • Back to the Future . . . When the World Turned Black and White on Mount St. Helens June 5, 2020
    “Man! This Creation Adventure is going to be a blast, Doc! Hey! We didn’t even have to crank up the DeLorean to get here. I can’t wait to see that mini Grand Canyon. I wonder how many years it took the Toutle River to carve that out? I heard it is over 100-feet deep. What […]
    Eric Hovind
  • One Question To ask Jon Steingard? May 28, 2020
    Another "Christian" Denies God's Existence Recently another "Christian" artist publicly renounced his belief in God. Jon Steingard from Hawk Nelson posted a long Instagram message copying language from Rhett and Link's tale rejecting Christianity. Bottom line, after being raised as a PK (Preacher's Kid), he just couldn't believe it anymore. I have heard this same […]
    Eric Hovind
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