“In a day of watered down theology, compromise, and lack of integrity within Christendom, it’s refreshing to see a man that stands for both biblical truth and a life that glorifies God. Eric Hovind is one such brother in Christ.”

Ray Comfort, Living Waters
“Of all the apologist that I’ve had the privilege of being around very few have the ability to communicate the way that Eric does.  His heart for the youth and passion for the Gospel are undeniable.  If you’re wanting to motivate your people and equip them to do something with their faith, have Eric and Creation Today speak at your function.”
Carly Kerby, Reasons For Hope

“I simply love everything about Eric Hovind.  He’s a great friend and a trusted mentor.  He has his act together both apologetically and personally.  I love his style of teaching and his love for truth.  His ability to simplify difficult concepts makes him a clear voice in this postmodern age.  I am greatly challenged every time I hear him speak.”

Mark Spence, Living Waters

“Eric is often “outside of the box” but always “inside the Bible.”  His passion to know the Word and to make it known continues to resonate with me and those who hear him. I remain deeply grateful for his friendship and his focus on advancing the truth of God’s Word!”

Pastor Jeff Redlin
Doug Fulford

“Eric has been a tremendous blessing both to our youth and to our entire fellowship! Eric knows how to personally connect with those he is ministering to and he presents very powerful…insightful….truth-filled messages! Most importantly Eric seeks to equip the next generation to stand for Christ and to stand for truth!”

Pastor Doug Fulford, New Testament Fellowship
Pastor Eric Rader

“We LOVE Eric Hovind! Eric delivers more exciting and compelling biblical truths per second to our church than any other evangelist or apologist. God has gifted Eric with passion and ability to connect and communicate with ALL ages, from Elementary, Jr. High, High School, College Students, and Adults. We have had Eric Hovind in annually to my church, my wife’s school where she teaches, and at the Creation & Earth History Museum where I also serve.”

Pastor Eric Rader, New Life Christian Fellowship Church & Creation and Earth History Museum
Ken Ham

“I’m encouraged to know there’s a whole new generation of apologists like Eric who have a passion for proclaiming God’s Word and defending it.  In our increasingly secularized world, we need more defenders of biblical inerrancy, especially to reach youth with the life-changing creation-gospel message.”

Ken Ham, CEO/President, Answers in Genesis
Shadrach Means

“We have had the pleasure of having Eric out to speak a couple of different times to our youth. The students really loved the way he teaches! He has a lot of energy, loves what he is teaching, and is funny. Eric uses illustrations to teach deep biblical truths coupled with science and equips students to stand for their faith. One more thing I really appreciate about him is his integrity and depth of character. I highly recommend you have him come speak in any setting, whether youth or adults.”

Shadrach Means, High School Pastor, Calvary Chapel Chino Hills
Emeal Zwayne

“I’ll never forget the first time I heard Eric Hovind speak at a ministry outreach. I was absolutely spellbound—and at the same time, encouraged and greatly built up. I’m happy to say that this has been my experience every successive time I’ve been privileged to hear him teach God’s Word. Eric preaches with accuracy and reverence, in combination with unquenchable passion, sincerity, and a keenly relatable style. These elements merge to make him one of the most effective communicators on the planet—and that’s no exaggeration! Don’t hesitate to have Eric speak at your church or event. You won’t regret it!”

Emeal Zwayne, President, Living Waters
Bryan Case

“Eric is a man who speaks the truth in love. He is not ashamed of the gospel, and he presents God’s Word with skill and passion. He has spoken many times at our youth and family camps with profound spiritual impact. His knowledge of scripture, giftedness as a communicator, and infectious love for God and His people have made him a favorite at our camp for many years.”

Bryan Case, Program Manager, Hartland Camp
Tyson Murphy

“When I first brought Eric in to speak at our camp I knew he would be an excellent communicator of the Gospel, but I also prepared myself for him being unapproachable since he was such a sought after speaker. I was correct on the first part. He blew myself away as well as the students and adults at our camp. But I was wrong on the second. Eric is a man of humility and integrity. He knows the weight of the message God has given him to share and takes that very serious. I watched Eric pick up trash, thank camp staff and cooks for taking care of him and his family, and humbly celebrate what God accomplished through him during camp. I have brought Eric in to speak at several events since then and will continue to bring him in to speak in the future. I can also say I am truly blessed to call him a friend and a brother in Christ.”

Tyson Murphy, Student Pastor, Lake Center Baptist Church
Ben Schettler

“Eric Hovind is a guy that is meeting an important need in our nation.  Eric is passionate about changing lives through gospel ministry. As an organization that executes several conferences a year myself, I am always looking for great conference speakers.  Eric Hovind is one of the best speakers we have ever had. His ability to capture the minds of the students through sciences experiments and then direct them to the Word of God is unmatched.  He has a gift to make complex apologetics simple to the audience. More importantly Eric truly cares about every person in the audience. From the moment he steps out of the car at your church or event he will be enthusiastically encouraging and inspiring every person he encounters.  If you are looking for a speaker that is all about connection, Eric Hovind is your guy!”

Ben Schettler, President, Ask or Think
Russ Miller

“I have worked with Eric Hovind on several occasions. Each time I have been blessed by his desire, and energy, to serve our Lord Jesus. Eric is a mature Christian who has a strong knowledge of the Bible, and of Scripture’s application to our daily lives. He is a true evangelist.”

Russ Miller, President, Creation, Evolution & Science Ministries
Tom Dawson

Bring Eric Hovind to your church! He did an outstanding job leading a powerful presentation on creation science. Eric is an extremely intelligent, gifted speaker who knows how to explain the most complicated ideas in a simple, straightforward manner. In addition, his presentation focused on equipping believers to share and defend their faith. While with us, Eric equipped over 500 adults as our creation conference keynote speaker and additionally spoke to 125+ teens and children during two separate assemblies with our Christian Academy. I highly recommend inviting Eric to come and speak. You will learn firsthand that his love for Jesus and passion to proclaim the Gospel are contagious!

Tom Dawson, Adult Ministries Pastor, First Baptist Church O’Fallon, IL
Jackye Biehl

Eric is a dynamic, extremely informative, and tremendously gifted speaker!  His ability to draw students in and keep their attention is amazing, holding them in the palm of his hand as he delivers the truth of God’s Word to them in a clear manner with which they can identify.  

With our 6-12thgraders, Eric made it fun. The atmosphere was electric! Students left only wanting more!  When our younger students came in, I wondered how Eric would approach them, but he seamlessly connected with these eager hearts. Watching the younger ones with Eric was pure joy.  

God has truly gifted this man in his ability to connect with all ages. I know because I had the joy of being at the Creation Simulcast Sunday night and watching him connect with the adult crowd. I am grateful this man is surrendered to following God’s call on his life. None of our students left without hearing a clear presentation of the Gospel and praying that God would grow that Seed to conform them, and all of us, more to the image of Jesus.  

Jackye Biehl, School Administrator, First Baptist Academy, O'Fallon, IL
Ted Traylor

Eric Hovind is a creative follower of Christ who uses modern methods to share the story of the Ancient of Days. He deals with serious Bible subjects in a way that is true to the Biblical text while maintaining an approachable and relational attitude. He and his family are faithful members of our church. I commend his writing, teaching, and video work to anyone interested in learning about creation and apologetics.

Dr. Ted Traylor, Olive Baptist Church, Pensacola, FL

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